How can ApuTime help optimize working hours and save your company millions of dollars?

Michal Plaček
April 2, 2020

At ApuTime, we are committed to helping our clients reap the benefits of automatic planning using the new™ feature which is ideal for organizing and streamlining operations within a variety of companies.™ is an automatic planning tool that allows you to individually create and manage the implementation of multiple projects, ensuring timely delivery to clients and easy scheduling of tasks across an organization. Furthermore,™ can function to create a back up plan.

Almost every company is familiar with the obstacles involved in project development, and we feel that first hand experience is the best place to start when it comes to address solutions. I have worked as a project manager for a long time and besides being responsible for many projects, I was also in charge of supervising the budgets of all orders. If you have ever seen a budget, you know that organizing working hours for employees is a top priority.

I want to show an example of where optimization can take place:

imagine  a company where each employee has the same average salary 32466 CZK (this amount corresponds with Czech statistical office figure for the first quarter 2019). I can easily acquire a super-gross wage of 43505 CZK. Then I divide this number by 160 (which is the average number of hours worked by 1 employee in 1 month) which gives me 271 CZK, or a super-gross hourly wage. This is the exact amount the employer would spend from their own account for every worked hour of each employee.

As an input subject I can define a company with the following data:

20 employees work 3200 hours (20 x 160) per month; in 12 months it will be 38400 hours. The employer’s annual cost will then be 10406400 CZK.

My question is: How many “work-hours” need to be saved so that a company with 20 employees might save 1 million CZK as a result of using ApuTime.

The calculations are included in the following table.

I am counting on an annual savings of 1 million CZK which I divided by 20 employees and then 12 months. I found out that the monthly savings for 1 person is 4166.6 CZK. And if the statistics show a super-gross hour wage of 271 CZK (see above), then thanks to our software the company can potentially save 15.4 hours per employee. The 15.4 hours company can now be used either to execute new orders, therefore increasing performance or profitability, or can be used to reduce the monthly costs of employees.

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